Utah’s Great Salt Lake is a magical place. By-and-large it is an under-appreciated resource of the residents of the state. I have been visiting it’s shores, islands and hidden places for nearly twenty years. I do not know exactly what it is that draws me there. I do know however that as my understanding of this complex resource grows, that I fall deeper under it’s trance.

This photographic survey is teaching me just how intricate the lake and it’s surrounds really are. Commercial, recreational, artistic and ancient and modern human use have all left their mark. Each are a unique part of the lake’s history, and should be respected for their contributions to making the lake’s story uniquely rich. All who use the lake are in a delicate balance between exploitation and honorable stewardship.

It is the complexity of the lake’s system that I am attempting to capture. It is those stories that are hopefully conveyed in the images.

This project was concieved originally to be the thesis project in the pursuit of my Masters of Fine Art degree from Utah State University. Very possibly that my study and interpretation of the lake will take me years beyond it’s original intention.

It is my hope that the audience these images find will enjoy the discovery of the lake as much as I have.